Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Biggest Trout that I have ever caught and and a few others.

Made it down to the lady today, yea I know some may say, is that the only stream you fish? Until water temps move up a bit elsewhere,yes. Anyways had an awesome day caught alot of good fish and also hooked into moby dick and actually landed it. Was fishing a spot, that is known to those in the know, to hold several very, very large fish. No not the mill pool, mayby upstream from there or mayby downstream...hmmm. Was fishing an olive slumpbuster, throwing it out into the current and letting it swing in front of a downed tree. Picked up three right away ranging from 15-17 inches. Made another cast and all of a sudden my line stopped. I raised the rod tip and nothing. Felt like I snagged on the bottom. Could be, I was using 3 split shot. Than it happened. The all to familiar head shake. Holy crap this is a fish and a nice one at that. I rolled the fish and seen this was a monster. He then headed into the downed tree and everything stopped. I begin to panick and then felt the shake again. It did have me wrapped around a branch but it was still on. I slowly made my way to the tree and spotted the fish. I grabbed my net and scooped the fish up. Man this guy was a monster. It wouldn't even fit in the net all the way. I started to make quick measurements. Estimated length by my hand was 32 inches. From tip of my thumb to tip of my pinky fully extended is eight inches, and it took 4 to cover tail to nose. My hand would not even fit around one side of this fish. A fish of a lifetime for sure. I went to reach into my front pocket of my wading jacket to grab the camera and the rule to get 100% accurate measurements to dtermine weight. As I was doing this the fish came out of the net and went back into the water. And it was gone. I won't lie and tell you I didn't say things I shouldn't have but I did. I might have been able to get the fish back if I was not using 5x tippet. I came to my senses a little bit and climbed the bank. As I was coming across the field John and Elkfisher were standing on the back deck. They both seen me run the 40 in 4.4 in full fly fishing garb. I told my self that I was not going to let myself lose another fish to small tippet. So off to the fly shop to get 2x tippet, because there was another fish down there that was quite large. When I got to the shop I was shaking and Could not speak. Dave and John were laughing so hard that they couldn't breathe. I told them the story and we all just shook our heads. A quick coke and some 2x tippet and I was back in business. From that point on during the day I fished with nothing but streamers hunting for another moby dick. Caught several more that were smaller, but did get a pick of the next to biggest that was caught today. Measured at 19" , and that was considered small for what I caught earlier. Also got some really good pics of the little black stones that were all over the place. No topwater action until 3 today, bwo's and some little blacks(28) were coming off and some of the smaller residents were taking to the surface. Enjoy the pics.

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