Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The new toy

Well guys and gals it finally arrived on Dec 24. I am now a proud owner of a bamboo flyrod. It was built by a good friend and hopefully soon fishing partner Earle Goode. It is built off of the Thomas and Thomas taper "the caneis", 7'6" 2/3 wght. I finally got to take it for a test drive with my friend Mark on my beloved Elk river. Although I wasn't able to hook any of the big boys we did catch tons of the little guys. The fly's that were used was a size 16 little black stonefly nymph and a wet fly that is called the heresay. The rod casted like a dream and will roll cast for miles. It was a joy and can't wait to hook into some large brookies with it this year. Anyways short and sweet and here are some pics from the rod and some river shots from the other day hope you enjoy.