Monday, November 24, 2008

I love fly swaps

Hello to all again. Havn't been doing a lot of fishing lately, been busy with work and playing with my son. I have been tying though right now I am in 2 flyswaps on, nymph and foam fly swap. For the nymph swap I am tying a size 20 olive caddis pupae and for the faom swap I will be tying a size 10 foam inchworm. Both are very easy tyes and have been alot of fun to tye. I really love the swaps because you get to see what the other guys tye and I get alot of new ideas for patterns. I used this foam inchworm pattern that I developed this year on a favorite brookie stream and it did exceptionaly well. When I get a chance I will post some pics of these flys. The best thing about tying with foam is that the stuff is pretty much unsinkable. Alot of times with the inchworm pattern I will twitch it to make it go under the surface and as it rises back to the surface I will get some massive strikes. Anyways just a little bit that I have been up to. I just want to wish everyone a great thanksgiving and to all that are out there hunting good luck and be safe.

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